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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Willesden Library Centre and the Public Realm

There has been some disquiet about a possible rebuild of Willesden Library Centre.  I don't know whether such a rebuild will happen.  A key issue will be whether such a scheme could pay for itself through house sales, but thinking about it has caused me to look again at how the Library Centre interacts with the rest of the area, and for the most part it doesn't.  This view from the car park actually strikes me as being one of the better views of what is a very inward looking building.


John Hampton said...

You don't know if a rebuild will happen? Aren't you supposed to be the Councillor in charge of libraries? As Barry Gardiner pointed out, you and Ann John are just running everything down so you have an excuse to close it all down. Fine way for a 'labour' councillor to behave. When will you be following Bertha Joseph and defecting to the tories?

Alicia said...

A decision has been taken, sir, to approve the redevelopment. If you can arrange it, it WILL happen. We expect you to be clear in your blog. It may not happen, true, but the exectuive WANT it to happen, and will try to make it happen.



(i) that agreement in principle be given to the comprehensive redevelopment of the entire 0.86 hectare Willesden Green Library site in accordance with paragraph 3.11 of the report from the Director of Regeneration and Major Projects;

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