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Monday, 23 April 2012

Fryent Country Park

I gather that the last Willesden ACF was told of a mysterious plot to build on Fryent Country Park.  I always wonder how these rumours get started, and why people believe them so readily.  Every so often some one invents a story about a park being built on, as they did a while ago about Hazel Road Open Space.  In fact, it is so difficult to build on a park in terms of political controversy and planning law that it would be virtually impossible.  Certainly, no one is going to build on Fryent Country Park, but why do people believe these stories so readily?


Anonymous said...

They believe them because of all the other appalling things your council has perpetrated.


Martin Francis said...

I am afraid that Labour's record has created so much mistrust that people will believe you are capable of almost anything.

This goes beyond Labour and is bad for local democracy as a whole. People are saying a 'curse on all your houses' and that they will not be voting because 'you are all the same'.

Low turnout+lack of credibility+lack of trust undermines the whole concept of local government.

All parties need to rebuild that trust.

Anonymous said...

Could be we feel suspicious?

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