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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Green Man Harlesden High Street

I had been expecting to go to the Planning Committee site visit this morning, but it turned out that no site visit was planned for the Green Man application.  I was surprised by this, as it seems to be an important application, where it would be useful for the Planning Committee to see things for itself.  Therefore I and the other Kensal Green councillorsa have requested that the Committee defer the application for a site visit.

For those who don't know it, the Green Man was a traditional pub in the Harlesden Conservation Area.  Some years ago, many of its historic features were ripped out and the upper floors given over to substandard housing.  Since then, it has been associated with a number of refuse and anti-social behaviour problems. The application before the committee is to restore many of its historic features, and convert the housing element to a smaller number of better quality flats.  This may represent a good way of solving the building's long standing issues, but I have not yet seen the detailed plans.


Actually, the Committee deferred deciding the application in order to conduct a site visit.

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Anonymous said...

Too late on that one, the committee approved it.

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