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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


One of the more bizarre musings on leadership skills I have read can be found here.  Recently, as part of the entirely artifical concern over regulating leaflet distribution, Brent Council has been accused of being Stalinist.  I thought this was a term of abuse, but given that the accusation came from someone on the extreme left perhaps it was intended as a compliment.

It came up again at the Executive last night, when a number of attended about Willesden Library and the leaflet regulations.  These people then left before hearing the reports on such minor issues as school places or the increasing numbers of homeless in the Borough.  The BBC reported this morning that Newham has been trying to send people to Stoke on Trent.  This is going to become increasingly common as local authorities (including Brent) struggle to cope with the housing benefit changes.

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Anonymous said...

You may have noted that many of us there to deliver the petition of more than 3600 local residents (including many in your ward) had small children with us. Monday is a school night and I have to travel by tube to Wembley. It takes me just over half an hour to get home, and then I have to get the kids to bed. I work full time and do not have endless funds to chuck away on babysitters, so the kids come with and we have to get away asap.
It is utterly typical of your arrogant, disrespectful attitude to the community and people you are meant to represent that you dismiss our efforts to attend a meeting by sneering at us for leaving when we have said our piece. Personally, I would love to have stayed. I really want to know what other disgraceful anti-democratic acts you are committing in our name.
Stalinist doesn't even cover it.

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