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Saturday 12 July 2014

Ebook Lending in Brent more than Doubles

I notice that Newcastle Libraries are reported to have great success with its ebook loans.  Newcastle is one of four authorities that were selected to pilot ebook lending.  Newcastle has seen its loans up by 78% in one year.

I thought it would be a good idea to compare this to Brent.  As part of the Libraries Transformation Project, Brent invested in a wider range of ebook titles, which is also a key part of the Newcastle scheme.  This seems to have paid off.  The figures below show a rise of 36.4% between 2011/12 and the following year.  Loans go up by a further 138.3% in the year after that (or by 224.9% over the two years).  Admittedly, the figures are still fairly low _ less than 12,000 loans out of almost a million in 2013/14.  It does however confirm that a good range of titles encourages usage.  That has always seemed pretty intuitive to me, but some people act as if they don't believe it.

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