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Monday, 7 March 2016

Camden and Brent in Kilburn

Consultation is under way about creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Kilburn, encompassing both the Brent and the Camden sides of Kilburn High Road.  You can see the map here.  On the Camden side, the proposed area includes the Camden Kilburn ward and a good chunk of West Hampstead as well as the very top of Kilburn High Road.  The Brent part includes the corresponding side of the top of the High Road (in Brondesbury), the whole of the old Kilburn ward (excluding the southern regeneration area) and _ interestingly _ Willesden Lane Cemetary (which is actually in Queens Park ward).

I have been critical of the warm words about Brent/Camden joint working in Kilburn in the past, so it is good to see a possible mechanism to make it more effective.  The powers of the new body seem quite broad, although there seems to be little mention of money.  Nonetheless I would have thought there would be plenty of scope for enhanced co-operation on street cleaning, the Tricycle Theatre, the two Kilburn libraries and so on.

I am intrigued that southern Kilburn is excluded.  One reason may be that the issues around the regeneration there are felt to be very different to those for the areas either side of the High Road, but, especially if the current regeneration in South Kilburn is halted, the area may be left excluded from what could be a very positive development. Having said that, next week's Cabinet is recommended to proceed with demolition of various blocks at the southern tip of South Kilburn, just as if there were no review under way.  It would be good for there to be better public knowledge of what is going on. 

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