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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

South Kilburn Under Scrutiny?

I had a conversation recently with some one who assumed that Brent's Scrutiny Committee was going to examine the case around South Kilburn and whether regeneration should continue there.   I believe it is more complicated.

I understand that the old Scrutiny Committee had agreed to examine the issues.  However, a recent Council meeting decided to split the Scrutiny Committee into two (incidentally, effectively admitting that Cllr Butt's  abolition of the scrutiny committees in 2014 was a mistake). 

The decision doubles the number of committee members, and at least one of the committees will have a different chair.  There is no guarantee that the items they choose to scrutinise will remain the same.  As a substantially different committee, they might well decide they want to look at different things.  As I have said before, I think there is a strong case for the issues around South Kilburn to be publicly debated.

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