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Monday, 28 March 2016

Community Facility in South Kilburn

I am surprised that Brent Council's plans for a new community facility in South Kilburn have not had more publicity.  Perhaps because it is still something of an outline scheme people having really got a hold of what it is like.

The plan provides for 50% affordable homes, which is an unusually high proportion by today's standards.  Although I imagine "affordable" probably means 80% market rent.  I take it the private sale properties are intended to pay for the whole development. 

There is a lot in the report that leaves questions to be asked.  It makes clear that the current youth service arrangements are financially unsustainable, but does not make clear how to sustain them in the future.  There is a GLA grant which I would speculate comes with attached conditions, as the Roundwood Youth Centre did, but no indication of what they are.  The new centre appears to have a strong business orientation, which might dovetail with parts of Brent's library service, but there is no particular word on that.  This is disappointing as improving library accessibility in South Kilburn was part of the rationale for the refurbishment of Kilburn Library in the Libraries Transformation Project

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