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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Momentum, But in the Right Direction?

Brent Momentum apparently decided to join a number of other groups outside Ten Downing Street to protest about the Israeli response to the demonstrations on the border of the Gaza Strip. Once again, I am struck by the choice of venue.  Why outside Downing Street?  If it is a protest against the Israeli government, why isn't it outside the Israeli Embassy?  It so happens that the current ambassador, Mark Regev, is a former spokesman for Netanyahu so he might be expected to have even closer than usual links to the Israeli Prime Minister.  The UK government by contrast really has very little influence over what happens in the Gaza Strip. 

Again, one might question why Momentum are organising specifically about Israel so shortly after chemical weapons have been used in Syria.  By any reasonable measure _ number of deaths, use of illegal weapons, sheer brutality and the undemocratic nature of the regime _ the Syrian violence seems far worse than the violence on the border of the Gaza Strip.

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