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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wembley Stadium Up for Sale But No Word from Brent Council

I am surprised not to see any comment from Brent Council on the proposed sale of Wembley Stadium.  Under previous Leaders close attention was paid to the Stadium and the business has a number of commitments as a result. Both the rebuilding of Wembley Park and the construction of the White Horse Bridge were among these and cost the developer in the region of £120 million.  The investment of a substantial amount in sports in Brent also came as a result of a planning condition.

With various commentators suggesting that conditions could be put on the sale, particularly in provision of grassroots support, I would have expected the Brent Council to be vocal in suggesting what it wants.  Making a pitch for the local area is after all the first step to getting it.  Back when the old Stadium was rebuilt there was quite a struggle between the Council under Paul Daisley's leadership and other parties (including government ministers) who saw local community demands as a nuisance.

Incidentally, it was wrongly stated in some papers yesterday that Barry Gardiner MP is the local MP for the Stadium.  It is of course, Dawn Butler MP, as Wembley Stadium is in Tokyngton ward in Brent Central constituency. 

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