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Friday, 12 June 2020

False Addresses

Priti Patel's absurd quarantine rules stipulate that you must give an address where you will self isolate for 14 days but that would be challenged if it was "manifestly false".  This reminds me of an incident recounted in Amartya Sen's Identity and Violence where he recalls being challenged by an official at the airport about his address at the Master's Lodge at Trinity College, and whether he was a good friend of the Master.  The absurdity was that he was the incumbent Master at the time.

Identity warriors who want to organise society according to some sort of solitary identity hierarchy based on a supposed historic victimhood might also ponder the quote given elsewhere in that book of Gandhi's comment at the 1930 London Conference "Imagine a whole society vivisected and torn in pieces; how could it be unified into a nation?"

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