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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Long-Bailey Sacked from the Shadow Cabinet

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked from the Shadow Cabinet following her retweeting of a Maxine Peake article with an evidence free anti-Semitic reference.

The original article illustrates how anti-semitism appears to have become institionalised in the Labour Party.  The article claimed that Israeli security forces were training some police forces in the USA, and this included the officers responsible for George Floyd's death.  There may be an element of truth that some police and security forces co-operate between the USA and Israel, but I have seen no evidence that the Minnisota police were among them. I find it impossible that training techniques in restraint would include kneeling on some ones neck as it seems perfectly obvious to anyone that that could easily kill some one.

I can only conclude that Israel was dragged in simply because some people are so schooled in an anti-Israeli/Jewish narrative that they assume anything bad must be linked to Israel.

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