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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

What Happened to Taking Back Control of Our Borders?

At the start of this Parliament, the Home Secretary announced an immigration bill which disappeared and announced again in May.

This promised a points based system based on having an income above a certain level and "skills".  It does not seem to pay attention to economic needs such the Labour demands for seasonal workers or the needs of sectors such as hospitality or of public services such as the NHS or adult social care.

Since then in a stark reversal from the Tory decisions of the 19o0s, many more people from Hong Kong will be allowed in apparently without reference to points.

At the same time, the Home Office appears to be continuing Sajid Javid's decision to strip a UK national of citizenship on the grounds that someone else might make her a citizen.  This puts the citizenship of millions of people in danger.

The Home Secretary appears not to be concerned about localised surges in population growth.

Finally, the government is determined not to extend the EU withdrawal agreement beyond Christmas.  Any businesses surviving the virus will just have to take what hits them in 2021.

The government proposed to deal with damage to trade by not implementing any tariffs for imports in a manner that is contrary to the rule of law and makes our markets vulnerable to social dumping. It is also effectively admitting that leaving the EU damages the economy.

Does any of this have any coherence at all?

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