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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Losses to Brent Council

I am sorry to see that Brent has lost two of its most experienced officers _ David Thrale and Stephen Weeks.  As has become a habit in Brent, their removal seems to have been conducted in bizarrely secretive and opaque fashion.  I had hoped this would not be the case still, but it appears that old attitudes remain.

David worked for Brent for more than thirty years, which must make him one of the longest serving officers in the Council.  I had the pleasure of dealing with him on a number of issues.  He was always very straightforward with a good grasp of his subject and able to explain things with great clarity.  Just in my time he did a lot to deliver for Brent with sorting out the street lighting contract (where he inherited a real mess), and the truly gargantuan task of turning Brent's parking regulations and fees into something more nearly rational.

Stephen Weeks will be well known to anyone who is interested in planning.  He has ably led the planning services during the difficult last few years.  He has also handled a vast number of difficult planning applications with great aplomb.

Brent Council really is not sensible to rid itself of its most experienced and sensible officers. 

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