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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Butt Undergoes Another Probe

A third probe, this time by the Labour Party, has been announced into Cllr Butt.  This adds to the two existing Council probes into Butt.  I suggested previously that the other probes would by themselves be inadequate to deal with the issues, so I am glad that a third investigation is now launched.

I raised a concenr a few days ago about one of the Standards Committee's ability to deal with Butt impartially.  I have now been told that, contrary to the practice when I was a councillor, the membership of the Standards Committee is now effectively simply picked by the Leader.  If true, this might seem to undermine the credibility of the exercise.  It would imply that Cllr Butt had handpicked his own judges, which rather undermines confidence in the whole exercise.

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