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Sunday, 19 June 2016

South Kilburn and a Lack of Democracy

I had a couple of comments on my post on the new Marks & Spencer in South Kilburn.  "Food desert" may seem a bit extreme, but the area certainly seems short of common amenities to me.  During the recent by election, I recall being asked to get some food, and I had to trek all the way from the campaign base in Peel Precinct to Kilburn High Road.  Of course, one shop isn't going to change this, but it does seem to be a sign of improvement. 

On the wider point, it does seem to me a great pity that there isn't more public input into the changes in South Kilburn.  What makes me most unhappy is that when I went out door knocking there during the by election, many people seemed to think there was nothing they could do.  Whether they wanted changes or not, they seemed to feel that things would be done to them regardless of their wishes.  This is exactly the opposite of what local democracy is supposed to be about. 

Currently, there is supposed to be a "fundamental review", but why isn't that happening in public with the participation of those who live in and represent the area?

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  1. Kind of like when you closed our Libray Mr Powney.......