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Friday, 10 February 2012

By Elections in Brent

There will be a by election in Barnhill on 3 May, following Judy Beckman's resignation as a councillor.  Judy is a real loss to the Council, but she has decided that she wants to be nearer her family.  The reason for leaving the election until 3 May is that having it on the same day as the GLA elections minimises cost.  A Council by election costs between 20 and 25 thousand pounds.  Holding it on the same day as another election removes much of the cost as the staff and polling stations would have to be available anyway.

The Liberal Democrats are rumopoured to be timing one election in Dollis Hill for late March, and another (in Dudden Hill) for July.  This maximises the cost to the Council, but I assume they hope to do better on a lower turnout.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the Liberal Democrats had no control over the timing of Alec Castle's death. The timing of the subsequent Dollis Hill by-election is determined by the council's Chief Executive.

Anonymous said...

The Dollis Hill by election date was announced by Brent Council on Wednesday 8th February.

Given that it was caused by the death of one of your own Council colleagues, your comment about timing and cost maximisation is inapropriate and insensitive to say the least. It should be withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the Cllr Powney hasn't apologised for his remarks.

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