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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What are Fightback doing?

This photo of the Fightback group outside Brent Town Hall makes them look more lively than they actually were.  I still haven't heard from them what they mean by "not lie down".  Set an illegal budget?


Responding to the comments below, there has been a long standing problem with local government in the UK that it is financially dependent on central government.  There fore it has limited room for manoeuvre.  the idea that it can just stop central government policies is just pie in the sky, but I do think having a Labour Council makes us significantly different from the previous Tory administration.  For example the Tories and Liberal Democrats have explicitly opposed our new recycling system, failed to push for Fairtrade status, andshowed no interest in the carbon emissions issue.


Paul Ashby said...

I cant speak for anyone else who attended but my reasons for being there included feeling that the council has failed to represent me and many others in following the governments dictate in implementing cuts. I have seen several local facilities close as a result of this and despite offers to keep some of these open from residents the council has refused to allow this, prefering to let buildings lie dormant, presumably with a view to selling them off.
I do not feel that this council and the Labour party in general have offered the electorate any serious opposition to the governments wholesale dismantling of public services and feel that this should be challenged. If that means setting an illegal budget then so be it. As the government seems determined to reproduce the conditions of the 1980's some of the more firebrand opposition politics would be welcome too. And how about some transparency in the chamber too, rather than waving votes through on a prearranged agreement?

Michael Calderbank said...

What is the point of electing *political* representatives for the local community, if they are totally bound by central government settlements and make no effort to do anything other than take the advise of non-elected officer? You are just a waste of space? At the very least you should be linking up with other London Labour councils and trying to mobilise the community in opposition to Central government.

As it is - as Ann John has said explicitly - you're left choosing which vulnerable group to take money way from. Thanks for that.

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