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Sunday, 19 February 2012

DCMS Response on Brent Libraries

I am surprised that the DCMS response to the Brent litigants has not attracted more publicity.  For the past year all sorts of campaign groups up and down the country have called on the Secretary of State to intervene.  Until now the department was silent, prompting at least one group to send a complaint.  The Brent letter gives the first indication that I know of on the Department's reasons for not intervening.

There are two main grounds.  Firstly, Brent Council did a thorough and rigorous assessment of needs in making its decision.  Secondly, the Brent Strategy is not merely a finance driven programme of cuts, but a genuine transformation project, which will see a number of improvements.  These improvements have not had the attention they deserve, but include:
  • Seven day opening at all Brent libraries
  • Improved levels of bookstock in all Brent libraries
  • An improved outreach service
  • Substantial investment in all Brent's library buildings.

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Anonymous said...

It's ok to now to take guidance from the Tories is it? I suppose you are managing their cuts why not go all the way.

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