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Monday, 3 December 2012

David Cameron and Selective Judicial Review

Speaking to someone recently, she said that David Cameron wanted to restrict judicial review.  I think a closer reading of his comments is that wants to restrict judicial review of central government (I.e. his decisions).  There is no indication of him wanting to restrict judicial review of other bodies.

This surely indicates the present government's them and us mentality.

Rules that they find burdensome are unacceptable.  The same rules can happily be imposed on others.

The comments on equality are almost self parody.  We no longer wil have a legal requirement for equality impact assessment (we never did), because "smart people in Whitehall" decide.  We seem to be going all the way back to Patrick Gordon Walker and "The Man in Whitehall really does know best".

I wonder what happened to localism?

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