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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Improving Gully Cleaning

I often get complaints about the quality of gully cleaning in Brent.  I always pass these on, and various individual gullies are cleaned as a result.  However, it has long seemed to me to be a systematic problem, especially in the south of the Borough.  I am particularly thinking of Kensal Green, Queens Park, Harlesden, Kilburn and Willesden, but there may well be others.

Does anyone have specific examples of problem areas where gullies are blocked?


Anonymous said...

Don't be too soon to give the other post as a reference!

There are rumours that it has been Thames Water doing the street investigations near Harlesden station - and that they say it is not "their water", but Brent's drainage.

They may even fill in the hole, and we are back to square one!

It has always seemed obvious that the sewer between the two drains is blocked, which makes the water come out of the drain, along the kerb, and back into the next one. The local pigeons have used this as a water fountain.

However, we live in hope that the street drain outside 10 Mordaunt Road, opposite, will be cleared, for the first time in at laest five years. Streetcare has previously said they could not get their big lorry close enough. (Solution: Get a smaller lorry.)

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to the maintenance man for Brentfield Medical Centre who had done some works on the drains in that area. The drains are regularly overflowing in the same manner as the previous post: backing up through one drain and running along the gullies to end up pooling all the way down to the Temple.
He seemed to have strong opinions and some technical knowledge about why it was happenning.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that Councillor Powney will become tough on the blocked sewers, and tough on the causes of the blocked sewers.

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