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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Update on Willesden Junction Station Approach

Yesterday morning I met with a Brent Transport officer about local transport matters.  There has been a rumour going around that the work to Station Approach might be delayed or even abandoned, but he assured me that this was not so. 

The design team are still working on the exact design.  The current version has a pavement on both the Brent and Ealing sides although the Brent side will be wider.  However details are still subject to change.


The comment below asks for clarification.  My understanding is that, at the moment, the southern pavement is to be narrowed and the Brent side pavement to be widened.  This should allow more room on the northern side for pedestrians (especially after the removal of those absurd guardrails) but also sufficient room for buses (not least to avoid them mount the pavements).  Since more than 90% of users come along the Brent side, it seems obvious to me that that is the side that needs the wider pavement.

However, detailed design is still being worked on and therefore there may be changes.


Anonymous said...

Your previous post says:
"Most of the southern pavement will be removed to allo ("Allo, Allo"?) room for vehicles"

Please be kind enough to clarify: Does that mean the only published plan, which removes the pavement, has now been abandoned, please?

Will the Ealing pavement width now be DDA and established good practice compliant?

Anonymous said...

So Ealing residents living in, say, Crewe Place, off Old Oak Lane, will have to cross Station Approach twice, to get to the bus stop (not everyone uses the station).

And Ealing has to pay £30,000 into the pot for this disbenefit!

Shurely Shome Mishtake.

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