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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Technology and Litter Bins

Boscombe in Devon has an interesting example of new technology in bins, according to the BBC.  Litter is not an area that most people would consider technology sensitive, but even here advances in technology are changing the nature of how things are done.  The advantage in terms of cost would be that emptying the bins less often will mean fewer staff and vehicles, and hence less cost for the Council. In future, such technology might also help Councils to differentiate their collection rates according to the amount of litter.  This would be most useful where rates of rubbish accumulation differ according to circumstances.  For instance near Wembley Stadium.

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Unknown said...

Litterbins, which gaze the same as any other bins however they comprise a “level sensor” that senses when the bins are full. The self-emptying bins are attached to an automated waste assemblage system so one time full, a valve under the receptacle undoes and the litter is vacuumed into an underground pipe network and transported exactly to a waste assemblage station established in a nearby below ground location.

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