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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Eric Pickles Bins Bible Withdrawn

On Boxing Day, Eric Pickles published a so called "bins bible" advocating weekly collections and making his usual smears of local government.  I didn't remark on it, as I knew it was rubbish.  He has now been forced to withdraw it, presumably because of its numerous inaccuracies.

However, he didn't send out an explicit withdrawal or notify media organisations that it was being revised. He just quietly dropped it, so the page is now blank. Reputable organisations such as the New York Times publish corrections when they print errors.  Members of this government, such as Iain Duncan Smith, Grant Shapps and Eric Pickles seem to publish statements with no regard for whether they are true or false.

Despite his track record of flagrant dishonesty, Eric Pickles is now demanding that he be given dictatorial levels of control over local government publicity.

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