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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wembley Market Square and Brent Civic Centre Approach

Before Christmas, I posted on how the area around the Civic Centre was shaping up.  This is also now true physically.  The area now has a minilith on Olympic Way to help signpost people:

Brent Civic Centre can now be accessed more directly from Olympic Way using a new footpath:

The footpath opens out on to a market square in front of Wembley Library:

The market square should be capable of being used for a number of commercial events, which should help increase the footfall in the library. Effectively, the market square is another example of co-location.

The market square is also served by a small amount of short stay parking to the side:

As you can see, the work was not quite complete when I took these photos a few days ago, but when it is finished, the Civic Centre will finally have an appropriate setting on this side of the building.

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