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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shared Surface Around Willesden Library Centre

I have argued before that the area around Wembley Library is actually capable of being used for complementary activities in what is effectively a kind of co-location.  I have similar hopes of the areas currently being paved at the back and on the Grange Road side of Willesden Library. Hopefully, this will assuage the concerns of those who supported the Town Green application

The Grange Road side looks closer to completion, although it is still being paved:

The area should accommodate some disabled parking, but it is also (like part of Harlesden Town Centre) is a shared surface scheme so that the kerb level is quite limited.

A similar flexibility will be possible in the area at the back.  Once the Cafe is let (which be located at the back on the Brondesbury Park side), I imagine it will will want to use that area for outside paving.

Incidentally, the cafe is obliged by its procurement criteria to sell Fairtrade goods.  I hope that they will be publicized better than in the equivalent cafe in Wembley Library.

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