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Friday, 7 August 2015

Willesden Library Brondesbury Park Frontage

The new Willesden Library is now up and running, but still far from finished.  Aside from all the building work still going on around the place, parts of the Centre itself are still empty.  Nonetheless, I am sure it will develop well over time.  One easy win would be some window displays on the Brondesbury Park frontage.  This would have been impossible in the old 1980s library, but should be entirely viable with the new building.

The former library had a really poor relationship with the surrounding streets, as can be seen from the photos to be found on this site.  Actually I think the graffiti shown actually improved the look of the old building, especially on the Grange Road frontage.  Now, however, we have the new building which will look outward, and (in so doing) help attract people to all the activities within.

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