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Friday, 14 August 2015

The Return of the Brent Museum

The return of the Brent Museum to Willesden Green is a great step forward.  I think the new Museum is actually better than the old one.  One of the features I like are the small items encased in the banisters around the lightwell, such as this one of former Mayor Len Snow:

They serve to draw the visitor up to the main exhibition on the second floor.  Whoever thought of that had a really good idea.

The new exhibition strikes me as well laid out and interesting, but still more interesting is the current exhibition on Gujarat, which is well worth a look.  The old Museum had a good record of bringing interesting exhibitions such as the Gayer Anderson Cat, the Fabric of a Nation exhibition or the Ernest Trobridge exhibition.  Hopefully, this tradition will be regalvanised by the new building.

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