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Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Queensbury Listing

The Save the Queensbury group is continuing their campaign to have the building locally listed.  I really don't understand how it is that they come away from meetings thinking it has, only to find that the commitments are not pursued.  The campaigners are certainly entitled to feel aggrieved if councillors tell them that something will be done, but then don't do it. 

In the case of the Queensbury, it was previously rejected for listing as you can see here.

What worries me about the whole local listing thing, as I have pointed out before, is that it does not actually have all that much relevance in planning terms.  If there is an application, local listing will be noted in the report, but it generally hasn't had much weight in the Planning Committee deliberations.  It tends to give false hope, I think because it often get confused with statutory listing, which gives a very substantial measure of protection. 

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