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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What Not to do about Flytipping

I mentioned the rise in flytipping in Brent a little while ago.  I was glad to see that Brent Scrutiny are taking the issue up.  I hope they will have a thorough look at whether the increase is down to flaws in the waste and street cleaning contract, failure to monitor well now that the Environment and Neighbourhood Services Department has been abolished, or some other factor. 

The abolition of the department comes at the same time as a change to a completely different kind of contract, and it would not surprise me if the two together have led to balls being dropped.  If Brent keeps on top of the contractor, the changes might actually led to improvements, despite the reduced spending.  The new waste and street cleaning contract has new time bands on town centre collection, more waste reduction, a more hands on approach by the contractor in communications and so on.   One thing that I am pretty certain will not work is signs telling people not to dump.  As you can see from this recent example, they seem to actually encourage dumping. 

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