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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Shared Surfaces Around The Library at Willesden

On Monday I commented on how the area around Wembley Library and Brent Civic Centre was coming into its own.  I think there is similar potential for the share surface spaces around Willesden Library.  Most obvious is the area at the back which was unfairly derided as a "muggers' alley" by some of the objectors to the planning application.

When I was up there on Sunday, it was already being used by some lads for skateboarding.  I think it could have a lot more potential once the cafe on the Brondesbury Park side opens.  This is especially true when one considers that the Grange Road space is pretty extensive as well. 

In front of the library there is a small pedestrianised space by Willesden Post Office, with a larger street behind, that could be adaptable to other uses.  Indeed, there were some stalls there during the recent official opening of the library. I think it is probably too residential for regular use but some occasional use might be possible.

Finally, even the Brondesbury Park side has a fairly good stretch of pavement.  Certainly it is better than the unwelcoming side of the old Willesden Library Centre. 

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