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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Housing and the London Mayor

Inside Housing has a survey of the housing ideas of the Mayoral candidates.  There are quite a number of good ideas there, but what strikes me is that the incumbent, Mayor Johnson, seems to offer pretty much nothing except a bit of misleading spin.  As with other Johnson promises, we can assume nothing will happen as a result.

Meanwhile, Grant Shapps simply denies the existence of a problem in London.  London Councils are exporting people outside London, because the government's housing benefit cap gives them no choice.  The entirely predictable result of this will be more unemployment as people are moving to areas with existing job shortages, more political unrest as local communities in poor areas blame newcomers for joblessness  and "social cleansing" in richer parts of the country.

More detail can be found on how the Conservative Government has engineered this crisis can be found here.

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