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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Street Cleaning in Wendover Road

We have been devoting a lot of effort to trying to improve the cleanliness of the streets around Tubbs Road and Wendover Road.  Many residents find the state of these streets frustrating, but I think improving them will be a matter iof gradual progress, because they are what some people call a wicked problem.

The central problem is the high footfall of people going to Willesden Junction, coupled with the ease with which litter can blow off Harlesden High Street.  Currently, the streets get cleaned once a week with a second round of litter picking.  The Junction Association are organising a community clean up day, which is partly paid for by ward working money. 

In the longer term, the Council is looking at how to improve the cleanliness of Station Road and HJarklesden High Street, which should have knock on benefits for the streets immediately off them.  The new bin collection system should have improved the litter problem, since the blue bins have lids whereas the old green boxes did not.  Hence, litter could blow out of the green boxes more easily. 

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Anonymous said...

Most of the streets around Harlesden are very messy. Harlesden town centre feels like it is stuck in 1950's, lots of shabby neglected facades and all those huge scrap metal lorries bounding there way through narrow streets around there...It is a totally neglected are..shame really

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