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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shahrar Ali's Chutzpah

I pointed out last month that Brent Greens have not been consistent in their approach to candidates living in the constituency.

Now I find that Shahrar Ali himself has the chutzpah to criticise other candidates for living outside the GLA constituency.  What is the difference between other candidates living outside the constituency, and himself living outside Camden when he stood in Bloomsbury in 2006?

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Shahrar Ali said...

Hello, James,

I was duly nominated to stand in Bloomsbury ward in 2006 also because I work there (still do), used to live there, and know the area well. My surprise regarding some of the GLA nominations to which you refer is that this connection does not seem to be apparent; or at least I would be interested to learn of it.

The larger the electoral constituency, as in the Brent and Harrow election, the greater might be the reasonable expectation of just such a local connection - not for its own sake, but in order to better serve one's prospective constitutents.

Sometimes, you sound like you could be my agent :)

Wishing you a pleasant Easter.


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