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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wendover Road, NW10

Today, I will be in Wendover Road with officers and Veolia to see what we might be able to about the high rating of dumping and littering in this group of streets.  s a result of resident protests, we upped the street cleaning with an extra litter pick, but I fear areas like this are an intractable problem.


Anonymous said...

You've only yourselves to blame, I'm afraid. You abolished Streetwatchers, slashed street sweeping and implemented a refuse policy that's hopeless for large families and rented houses. Overflowing bins attract more rubbish.

To say this is intractable is a cop out: and a profound insult to those of us who live in these roads.

Anonymous said...

I agree - we told you your ridiculous fortnightly bins would not work
Of course recycling rates have gone up - we can recycle more things.

Our streets look a disgrace and it is your fault- go on admit it you messed up!

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