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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Future Harlesden Town Centre Waste Management

It is too soon to see whether the trial waste enforcement I blogged on earlier will have long term effects.  I think that, if it does, it will be through the greater use of trade waste contracts.  If it were possible to sustain the drop in illegal waste over a year, that would be roughly fifty tonnes, which is a saving worth having.  I think getting shopkeepers to sign up to contracts, as they are legally obliged to, is the most hopeful measure for sustaining the improvement.

The other longer term measure that will have to be considered in the possibility of time banded collections.  This is a feature I was particularly keen that we be able to introduce in the new contract from next year.  I saw that this worked well when I went on a visit to Green Lanes in Haringey, and I have heard that it is effective in parts of Westminster and other places, but it would need a positive effort to get it in place.In other words, getting local businesses actively engaged becomes a key part of the success of any scheme.

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