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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Make Willesden Green

I notice that there are moves afoot to put up an independent candidate(s) in Willesden Green.  I think on the whole that is quite healthy.  Until people actually try it, they don't realise that standing for election is quite difficult.

Looking at the candidates' manifesto, I am struck that a lot of what he is talking about is fairly obvious stuff that is currently moving forward.  For instance, the call for a better public realm or traffic calming. He also calls for development of the Genesis site near Kingsley Court, something I might say myself.  As my own experience with Willesden Social Club shows, this tends to take a long time. He also doesn't seem to get how councillors involved in planning applications have to be careful about what they say.  Or that a single independent councillor may have difficulty influencing Council policy, which is afterall one of the main reasons we have political parties in the first place. 

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Anonymous said...

You are correct that a single councillor may have difficulty influencing council policy but what they would be is a voice against the the implementation of government cuts that the current Labour administration has so cravenly capitulated to.

I believe that Alex Colas was also one of those who campaigned against the demolition of the old historic Willesden Library building, which, if you'd had your way, would now be a pile of rubble.

More power to him, any any others who stand to break the 3-party consensus which exists in this borough.

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