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Monday, 7 October 2013

Ward Working Projects in Kensal Green

The scheme for a Mosaic in Furness Pocket Park that I mentioned a few days ago is the last of the Kensal Green ward working projects to be finalised this year.  The others in no particular order are:

Engagement with recycling in "Clean Up" days
This is being led by REACH residents association, and only costs £876.  As well as encouraging recycling, they help to bring different community groups together.  The grant also including the "Big Green Lunch" at Furness primary school, done jointly with the Odessa and Palermo Road RA.

More Street Trees
Last year, we managed to find funding for seventy street trees in Kensal Green for a variety of sources.  This year, we allocated £2,500 of ward working funds to more street trees.  That should be enough for about ten more trees.

Walls of Colour
This a project costing only £600 of ward working funding.  The idea is to have residents doing oil painting on a series of canvasses.  It featured in the Big Green Lunch.  The canvasses will eventually be displayed in the Civic Centre in the art display area behind the stairs.

Debt and Benefits Advice
With so much pressure on the cost of living, the Council is doing a specific programme to help people with debt and benefits advice.  At £10,000, this is the most expensive of the Kensal Green ward working projects, and perhaps the most pressing.  Our £10,000 will be specifically targeted at Kensal Green residents.

LEAP Community Centre Equipment
LEAP, which is primarily an employment trainer in Hazel Road, also runs a youth centre.  We decided to give £1,850 towards equipment there.

Bang Radio Media Skills
We decided to give Bang Radio £3,000 to help people develop new skills related to running a radio station.  As well as training a number of people in broadcasting and radio production, it will help raise awareness around welfare issues.

Elders Voice Sing Together
This is an intergenerational project designed to bring children and older people together. The cost is £3,970, and is likely to involve children from Princess Frederica School in a series of singing workshops with older people.

Sports Activities at the Hazel Road MUGA
We have paid for sports activities at the Hazel Road MUGA before, but this links in with training.  Recently, Brent Sports service has been working to develop an apprentice scheme at Capital City Academy.  As well as providing a couple of activity schemes per week for three months, this would nalso aim to help perhaps ten people get qualifications in sports training. 

Altogether, I think that is quite a varied number of projects that helps demonstrate the value of ward working.

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