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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Barham Park Planning Decision

I understand that the Planning Inspector has approved the permission for change of use of the Barham Park buildings.  In reality, this was always predictable.  There simply was no real grounds for refusal. Former councillors Dhiraj Kateria and Paul Lorber simply teamed up to bamboozle the Planning Committee into making a foolish decision causing unneeded delay and expense to both the taxpayer and ACAVA.  In my view, it is simply a matter of a small number of people making vexatious objections to decisions they don't like.  In this case, they invented a number of facts to support their case.

Recently, I have been active in the Indyref debate in Scotland, and some of the campaigners up there seem to have a similar ability to ignore inconvenient facts.  Hopefully the No side will win, so we won't find yow how wrong the Yessirs were.

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