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Monday, 22 September 2014

Moving On from the Indyref

The SNP seems to have gone into a bit of a tailspin following their Indyref defeat.  That is up to them.  If they continue to bang on about it, I suspect that they will suffer at the polls.

Meanwhile the rest of us should concentrate on non-constitutional issues that actually help people, such as the proposed rise in the National Minimum Wage.  That will do more to address the real problems of the country, including those of Scots than the Indyref ever could.


Anonymous comment at 11.44 seems to have got things upside down.  I am not the one ignoring the "pesky"electorate which voted by 55% to 45% for the "No" option.   The person ignoring the electorate is Alex Salmond who gave an interview on Saturday saying he was going to get Scottish independence by another route the day after the electorate voted against it.


  1. As usual - your 'de-selection' not taught you anything about listening to people, their aspirations.
    You know what is best.
    Damn pesky electorate - never know what is good for them.

  2. James, I don't know why you permit anonymous contributions on your blog site.