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Monday, 15 September 2014

Indyref Craziness

Still pre-occupied with the Indyref craziness.  Those south of the border who think that the Scots Yes campaigners are somehow progressive should try meeting them. 

I personally have witnessed yes campaigners being openly racist, and been told by voters that they feel intimidated.  The ugliness of the campaign against Nick Robinson for simply interviewing Salmond in a way he didn't like is also a sight to behold.  People who are so determined to bully and shout down their opponents are no democrats. 

One of the effects of this kind of thing is that it tends to get outside the control of those orchestrating it.  I suspect there are now elements that the Yes campaign itself can no longer stop.  I fear that Friday will see some violence either way.  if there is a No, as I expect, we may get frustrated Yes campaigners taking it out on people.  If there is a Yes, I suspect that there will be a Jim Sillars type "Day of reckoning".

A depressing prospect either way.


I think "alignment" is a difficult construct in the context of the Indyref.  I am told a number of No voters are previously SNP supporters, which sounds rather odd, and a few days ago I met some Yes campaigners who were very clear that they thought their campaign had nothing to do with Alex Salmond, which is an interesting view.  Whatever the result, it will be interesting to see how it pans out across Scotland.

Incidentally, UKIP don't seem to be aligned with anyone, as the No campaign said they couldn't join since they are not a Scots party, and in their own view the whole decision is irrelevant since the Yessers want to apply to join the EU.  Of course, if the Yessers got turned down for the EU, I presume that might please any UKIP supporters there are north of the border, whereas a No vote does ensure continuing EU membership.  Altogether a rather bizarre situation for everyone.


  1. Yes, very interesting to see who the 'No' campaigners are aligned with too - Tories, Orangemen, Nigel Farage UKIP, Labour etc
    What a 'union' that is.

  2. A vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP - it is a vote for independence. Scotland could have its own Labour Party.
    Maybe even a proper Labour Party - getting rid of Trident, free education etc etc
    Get your own house in order England and don't try to make Scotland pay for your choices.