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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Brent Council Budget

The Lib Dem and Tory attempts to derail our budget setting meeting last night failed fairly absymally, with Paul Lorber proving to be as inept in opposition as he was incompetent in office.  It is the first time for many years that Paul Lorber has failed even to pretend to present a budget.  Instead producing a series of amendments intended to be eye catching.

Of course, the Lib Dems were hampered by the obvious fact that it is their government that has imposed such a savage cut in central government grant as part of the price of jumping into bed with the Tories.  They also had some problems adjusting to some of the last minute changes to the Budget.  Evidently, they were not expecting Brent Private Tenant Rights Group, the Brent Law Centre or the Welsh Harp Educational Centre to continue to recieve funding, and lacked the debating skills to turn around their speeches once they found out that they would.

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Anonymous said...

Dear James,
It appears your concern is party politics and oneupmanship rather than a serious consideration of the opposition to the way in which Brent is being forced to change by top-down imposition at the speed of light. Do you really think that this budget, which mutilates Brent, is a victory for your party?

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