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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Missing Lib Dem Budget Proposal: The Mayor of Brent

One of the Lib Dem proposals that was press released but mysteriously failed to be presented on Budget night was to cut back the budget for the Mayor of Brent.  Leaving aside the merits of this proposal, how does Paul Lorber expect to be taken seriously when he issues proposals to the press, and simply fails to make them in the Council Chamber?

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Sagar Shah said...

That is pretty poor, but putting the Lib Dem's behaviour to one side, can you explain why Labour has kept the Mayor's office in its current form despite cutting other things such as Libraries, Children's Centres and help for children with learning difficulties?

If I remember correctly they suggested axing the mayor's office would save something like 200,000 - not a tiny sum. It would be good if the ruling executive could spell out its arguments for keeping that area safe from cuts.

My view is that we should switch to an salaried & elected mayor system and replace both the existing mayoral role and the chief executive role. This would save even more money as well as improving democracy in Brent.

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