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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Car Clubs in Brent

Kensal Rising has a post on car clubs, and how they fit into the policy.  The point about the car club cars being allowed to park anywhere in a CPZ is that you take the car from its designated space, drive where you want to go to park, and then return it to the designated space.  Hence there will still by specific car club spaces.  However, it will make using a car club car much more attractive for people to drive to a CPZ other than their own, and should therefore increase car club take up, reducing congestion.

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JS said...

Hi James
It's a real shame you couldn't attend the excellent talk given by Tim Coates at the library. Also you could have defended yourself as your name came up quite a lot. If you close our library there are plans in place for 'save our library' candidates to run against you, Bobby Thomas and Claudia Hector at the next council election. So labour will be decimated in this part of the borough. From all the residents' point of view this seems to be price worth paying. We want our library. We voted for you. Why not serve those who voted for you? This issue won't go away.

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