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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pollution Around Willesden Junction

There is still alot of concern around smells drifting on to Tubbs Road and elsewhere from the other side of Willesden Junction.  I don't know if these are linked to the PowerDay site or not, but I have spoken to the Environment Agency about it.  they have a problem with enforcement in that they need verified claims of smells in order to act.  Therefore it would be useful if residents could keep a log of any problems.  Of course, that still leaves the issue of verification, but it is a start.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work on Willesden Junction, James.

There is also a worrying smell of gas on the Harrow Road bridge to the east of Willesden Junction as well. It has been there for years on and off, despite efforts to report it.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that. Thanks for doing this James. This is just the beginning I feel. I've just moved into the area and find it incredible that the colossal Powerday rubbish treatment plant is in the middle of a residential area creating numerous types of pollution:

1. dust - god knows what's in those particles. the dust reaches where i am, 1-2 miles away. is anyone analysing this?
2. noise - you can hear the thunderous banging from where I am, from 7 am. is this legal?
3. traffic - monstrous lorries pounding through the heart of Harlesden night and day - including taking shortcuts through quiet streets, smashing their way over speedbumps and enlarging potholes. are they being monitored? are Powerday helping pay for the repair of the roads?
4. smell/ gas - i've just moved in, so haven't personally experienced this, but apparently there is a powerful toxic smell at certain times of the year that's all-pervasive even where I live. what the hell are these gases? are they coming from Powerday?
5. there's probably also a number five - leaching of poisonous water into our water table, for example? (i see the rubbish is constantly being sprayed in a lame attempt to keep the dust down)

I will report back to you when I witness pollution, particularly the smell as you mentioned.

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