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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Car Use in Brent

Another interesting observation from the census breakdown I mentioned yesterday is around car use.  43% of people in Brent live in households without a car, and this proportion is going up.  It would be interesting to know what the reasons are for this.  Is it linked to poverty, or is public policy finally succeeding in a "modal shift" away from car use as the default mode of transport?

Schemes like the Harlesden Town Centre scheme, and indeed Brent's entire transport and planning policies, are all geared to persuading people to choose any method of travel other than car use.  Are these policies finally working?


Anonymous said...

And we need a passenger service back on the railway line through Gladstone Park.

Anonymous said...

You're clearly not older and don't live far from a bus stop!! - doh!!

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