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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Progress at Barham Park

We made some good progress on Barham Park despite Cllr Lorber's peculiar misbehaviour.  I have explained before the slightly convoluted constitutional status of this committee.

The good news is that we have some substantial progress after the years of neglect under Paul Lorber.  We decided to let most of the building to a tenant called ACAVA.  This is a charity that promotes the visual arts in West London, so it seems a good fit with the priorities of the Barham Trust, which is supposed to promote the recreation and amenity of Brent residents.  We also agreed to spend the Trust's capital on a number of repairs to the buildings, and to upgrade the park.  The capital comes from selling off two houses a couple of years ago, and the amount we have to spend is about £600k.  We also approved a twenty year plan for the park.  Although we don't have funding to more than make a start on the park improvements, this is much more progress than Barham Park has seen for many years.  Finally, we agreed that the position of the Veterans Club should be regularised.

Whilst we were doing all this we had to put up with Cllr Lorber trying to interrupt and shout over people, as well as making various scurrilous accusations against Council officers.  He seemed to want to get the whole meeting bogged down in various legalistic details.  Of course, I have seen him this way before, but this particular night was his worst for quite a while.

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