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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Harlesden Town Centre Update

On Friday, I attended a lengthy meeting on Harlesden Town Centre.  The start of construction has been pushed back to May to accomodate some changes in the detailed designs that have emerged from the consultations.  It is not yet finalised, but there are likely to be more disability parking spaces than originally envisaged as changes to exact locations of certain items.  Altogether, I think it is a good compromise between the various competing demands.


In response to comment: spelling error corrected.  I was typing from a computer that had a sadly inadequate keyboard.

The meeting I went to on Friday was not a formally constituted council meeting.  Councillors often attend informal meetings with officers or residents that are not publicly notified.


Anonymous said...

What was that meeting on Friday, then?

There's nothing on the council calendar.

And what is "disthan" please?

Anonymous said...

What a cosy little arrangement. Maybe that's why you (councillors), find it so difficult to criticise officers and other colleagues, even when it's warranted, to the detriment of local council services!!

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