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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Shahrar Ali and Hypocrisy

I only just picked up this story prompted by Green Party spokesman Shahrar Ali.  He is complaining that two Liberal Democrat councillors should resign their seats as they now live outside the Borough. At the time of their election, they were Brent residents.

Fair enough you might imagine.  The Labour Party has long had a rule that any Labour council candidates should live in the authority they represent.

However, glancing through the 2006 election results for Bloomsbury ward in Camden we find none other than Shahrar Ali.  On the same day, we find Shahrar Ali just one vote off the bottom of the poll in Queens Park in Brent.  Yes they are the same person. I recall checking the nomination papers at the time.  Perhaps he scored so lowly because he spent so much time travelling between the two.

I have pointed out this chutzpah before, but others might call it hypocrisy.  Dr Ali attached a comment to my original post that I thought just made hime sound smug.  Perhaps someone so shameless should consider joining the Liberal Democrats himself.

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Shahrar Ali said...

Hello Cllr Powney, good to read you!

I believe I already answered this criticism as a comment on your blog here

To work in the borough is one of the criteria for qualification to stand in a local election for that borough.


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