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Friday, 15 February 2013

Vaizey Gets It Wrong

I see that Ed Vaizey has told the House of Commons that Brent's library strategy was developed several years ago, before the present government. In this he is simply wrong.  The strategy was developed between mid 2010 and April 2011.  Had Ed Vaizey's assertion been accurate, the High Court (and subsequently the Court of Appeal) would have been unlikely to have upheld the Council decision.


Anonymous said...

An FoI request ought to be interesting, then. Unless you find ways to conceal the information, which you probably will.

It is, of coure, a matter of public record that attempts were made by Brent to close several libraries way before 2006.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the truth comes out Cllr Powney - Brent Labour were going to close the libraries long before 2010.
You might be able to pull the wool over some people's eyes, but those who have been following the Library Saga for years know the truth.
Thank god Brent Labour lost control of the council and our libraries were safe for those extra years.
I really hope someone does the FOI Request

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